Long days on the rock...

Sally and Aaron Ford were busy re-bolting classic climbs in need around Queenstown. Therefore the pair spent some time in Wye Creek and thanks to the club's re-bolting fund replaced all the bolts on The Mission while making sure that the old bolts would remain near invisible...you really have to look for the old bolts if you want find them!

Aaron also changed old top anchors that used to use chains to ring hangers making it safer and less intrusive.

During the second week of October Danny Murphy and Anna Ruotsi sent the Clearances Direct: a steep mixed line on the West Face of the Remarkables.

Thomas Van Den Berg was able to climb the Eye of Sauron a near grade 30 on Rastus Burn boulders.

Guillaume and Estelle did some track work on the Hawk Wall track.

Note Jardines Boulders remain close until the 21st October....just a few days away.

Happy merry climbing.