Young Climbers scaling their heights in Queenstown.

Thursday 16 December, 9am: 5 keen young climbers aged from 13 to 15 years old (Whitney, Megan, Stephen, Jared and Andres)  met at Gorge Road commercial park to later on climb on Gorge Road Crag. For most of them this was their first ever outdoor climbing experience and thanks to Mike, Rupert, Henrique and Guillaume they scale about 5 routes each within just a few hours. Rupert gave the students some sound instructions about tying a double figure eight knot, belaying and safety.An excellent and very promising first outdoor climbing experience for these climbing enthusiasts~ Bravo!

On Thursday 16th December around 7pm, Josh Greer showed us what he got up to this year: an impressive mission to travel by motorbike from Alaska to  Patagonia. Cheers to him, his anecdotal stories and cool pictures which impressed everyone throughout his slideshow.

You could check his website:

A priceless thank you to Josh!

Climbing Tip of the Week by Rupert Gardiner: Belaying a top rope.

In this short video Rupert explains how to belay safely a top roping climber. P-BUS: Pull Break Under Slide Belay Top Rope Video