A hand full of fingers...

South Wye Action: South Wye residents: Aaron and Sally have been climbing some new lines up both sides of the valley featuring a mixture of trad and bolt:

The Guntel / 17 / 2 pitch (see picture) Big Mama Crack / 17 / 1 pitch / 20m bold pro (1 bolt) (see picture) They are also working on longer routes on the Main Wall.


Aaron Ford, Happy Chappy on Big Mama Crack, Wye Creek, Queenstown Climbing


Sam and Alison headed to the south facing side of he South Wye valley to climb a two pitch grade 15/16 climb (Entente Cordiale) (see picture)


Wye Creek news:

Niall Muller added a missing hanger that vanished on one of the cruxes of Eat Yourself Fitter (25) on Project Wall.

Aaron Ford Leading the Guntlet

Owen on Antipodes

Aaron and Sally did a link up from Chimney Sweep (Harold's Wall) to Fata Morgan (see picture)

Guillaume and Estelle put up Antipodes (21) on the Upper Tier, above Main Wall (check out the wee video and picture).


Click on the VideoAntipodes wye creek

Remarks mission:

Keith and Reese did a new route on the west face of remarks on the first day of the year. It is on a new wall it is the prominate triangle wall down and right from wall of the eveining light. It was done ground up and with no bolts. Defo a adventure all around. Decend the gully from the shadow saddle for close to an hour aiming for a prominate tussuck spur on the left. weave on tussock and snowgrass around drops in the gully move left to tussock saddle, and scramble on side of wall down to nearly the lowest part of wall. look for the weakness, some serious adventure awaits. climb the weakness to the top over 200ms rock, tussock (Adventure right...) and more rock. Rock quality is exciting on the bottom pitch but improves after that.  once the top is gained follow ridge and ledges around gerndarmes.  We are callin it Up In Smoke (16). By no means three star but super fun adventure that takes you to some pretty unlikly places in the remarks.

Kingston...not in Jamaica...although...



Joyeux Noel on Christmas wall saw some re-bolting action and 1 extra (much needed!) bolt was added to the first pitch and 2 to the second pitch. It is now a much less cheese grater climb and quite user friendly. (see picture).

Club News: there are about 80 members in the club! Climbing Wall: The climbing wall will be closed from the 25th Jan – 30th Jan, resuming as usual from Monday 31st, due to 2 events back to back.

If you notice any routes with spinning nuts or hangers hanging on just a few threads please send us an email with the name of the route and which bolt. You may need to tighten the nut with a spanner and use your discretion to climb or not climb the route (check picture underneath taken by Sal/Aaron).