Club Iceclimbing Instruction day

The folllowing is a report from Rupert gardiner- Along with Dave bolger, he was an Instructor on the day The club ice climbing day was a great success. Even though there was limited ice the two teams got to squeeze out some quality laps on a small hidden alcove of ice directly below the Grand Coulior. We left the car park at 7 am and did some avalanche beacon practice as the sun came up at Lake Alta. We were disappointed to see very little ice on Alta States but Dave knew of this small alcove that would be perfect.While Rupert rigged the ropes Dave took the group over general crampon and ice axe use. Once the ropes were up he then gave the team a demo and let them at it. By lunch time the ice was beaten out and there had been a lot of V threads made as Rupert taught those waiting in line for a lap the art of escaping off ice routes. After lunch Aaron our trusted helper and ice climbing fanatic moved the ropes and another two climbs were enjoyed for the remainder of the day

Rupert and Dave would like to thank Mike and Melanie for the hard work in organizing such a great opportunity for local climbers and Aaron for being a tireless helper and sharing his climbing skills and knowledge with the group.