Hi From Your New Website Admin

Hi All, Thanks for Sally for the welcome message.  I thought I'd give a brief background of myself as  I take on the Website Administrator role.

I've been in the area for around 5 months now and thought I'd get involved in the climbing to help the already stretched committee, and to meet some new folk.  We have some great ideas to enhance the website and add more information.  To do that we need your input so if there's anything you think should be added to the website, or regular features you'd like to see on here please let me know.  It may take a few weeks to notice any difference but hopefully this year, having someone dedicated to the role will allow us to get more information online for you and the numerous visitors to the area.

As for me, I've been in New Zealand for over a year and hope to make Queenstown home.  I left Scotland around 18 months ago, arriving here via Central Asia, the wildernesses of Kyrgyzstan and the wild west of Mongolia.  I'm loving having the opportunity to live in the wonderful playground of the Southern Lakes and look forward to getting out and exploring more.

Like a recent email about the AGM said, I can't solo a 23 or do any other miraculous climbing.....I'm very much there with the average Joe bumbling around the easier grades, and fitting my climbing into everything else that's offered on our doorsteps.

There's definitely a buzz around the extended committee and this website is only one facet of the club - there is always a lot more going on behind the scenes : fundraising, activities, advocacy, projects and lots more.  Over the following week's we'll get a survey up here to see what you want on the site, and we'll enhance some of the existing features.

As always, this website is for you.  Keep the stories, pictures and anything else newsworthy arriving in the inbox.  If you're keen to write anything or have any pictures or updates, please send them through.

The snow is still coming sporadically but some signs of Spring are in the air.  I'm a newbie in town so I still can't work out whether I want winter to continue, or Summer to start.

Here's to a great new season for the club.  If you don't have one already, grab the guidebook and start planning your 'bucketlist' of outings for 2011/12 and I'll look forward to being dragged up some harder climbs this season.