Events for Your Diary - 2011 / 2012

The Queenstown Climbing Club events calendar for this year is ready for your diaries!  With more helpers than before it's probably even busier than normal, and provides something for every climbing ability - so don't be scared if you're a newbie! So to get your appetite going, get ready for :

(NOTE : Most dates are confirmed but there may be slight changes)

Hawks Wall (Miss it?  See the report below) Fancy Dress Bouldering at Jardines - Halloween October 29th (Guess the theme???) Kids Climbing Camp (parents welcome to tag along) : November 12th (13th if bad weather on 12th) Kingston Outing : November 19/20th (overnighter) Alpine Climbing in Remarkables : January 28/29th 2012 Cross Wye Creek Climbing Marathon : March 2012

There's another couple of events coming up too but they are still being discussed - watch this space for more soon!  We're also hoping to kick off something that can keep you occupied throughout the season, and open to the wider community start the drumroll on that one and we'll let you know once it's agreed and confirmed.

As well as the above there may be the odd Wye Creek working bee during the season to help out.

When the new website gets up and running we'll have a Google Calendar you can access with club events and local events of interest so watch this space over the next few weeks as there's been some delays with this.

If you are interested in attending any of these events, please send a note to queenstownclimbing AT with the outing as the title....don't sit on it - let us know so we can focus on the events that people are interested in.

The summer nights are here already, so if you haven't done this yet, it's time to dust off those shoes, unravel the rope, untangle the harness, polish your nuts* and jump on some rocks!

(!...sorry I forget this is largely Sports  Climbing country but there's always time for a good pun)