Hawk Wall Club Outing

On Saturday 1st of October a group of keen climbers met up in Frankton with one mission for the day: having some good time together and getting to climb as many routes as possible.
The mission was accomplished thanks to 18 eager climbers scaling on average 7 routes each...so more than 120 climbs done!
Hawk Wall became a shelter from the storm as although rain fell on Queenstown it never really reached the Wall.
A good social time up there with people swapping belay partners, sharing their Nutella and Whittakers and eventually living this magical place at dusk tired and happy.
Thank you lots for the good atmosphere to the multinational group of Danish/French/Dutch/Finnish/Irish/English/Columbian/Spanish/Kiwish/Scottish/Doggish: Wim, Anna, Danny, Estelle, Erika, Chris, Cristobal, Vlad, Leonard, Martin, Paul, Livi, Flynn,Maria,Thomas, Dan, Erika, and Moo...guess who is from where!
See ya here or there...on the rock or plastic!