Jardines has re-opened

Great news, Jardines is now open so you can enjoy this great place.
The club has been working hard to keep a good relationship with the owners, please please please respect this place as it is private so definitely not a right but rather a privilege to climb there.  Please follow the guidelines below  :
  • Absolutely no dogs
  • Drive in the tracks....NOT on the grass - If track is muddy...maybe head somewhere else to boulder.
  • Don't party there.
  • Pick up any litter (even if you see someone else's on your trip - earn karma points!).
  • Park in the area next to the sign (underneath the boulders)
If everyone follows this we should be able to maintain the good relationship.  Remember that we can be kept up to date with what's happening in Jardine's but there are probably a lot of visitors passing through as well if they've found out about it, so don't be too proud to pick up that extra bit of trash you may see, or ask someone to keep the noise down.
Have fun!