Volunteers Required : Working Bee at Wye : Sat 11th Feb

SATURDAY 11TH OF FEBRUARY - 9.30AM – for as long as you canWe are looking for volunteers to donate some of your time to assist with climbing access on Wye Creek.  As you know maintaining good relationships with other parties in the region is important for our climbing and it's time to give a little love back if you can. Meet at Frankton car park, opposite Video Easy, we will then carpool (petrol will be refunded by the club).  Owen Hale from DOC will bring the required tools and tell us what to do, so we can have a better track!  We will also install a style by the toilets and a sign.

Please bring food, water, sunscreen and gardening gloves if you have! (will try to bake cookies to feed the troops…)

WE NEED YOU !!! this is a great opportunity to work with DOC and to improve the access to the climbing.

Please call Celine to register interest before 6th of February.

Celine tel : 0211636961 celine.austincheval -at- gmail.com

We’re also working with DOC on the Project Gold to enhance Kowhai at the Wye Creek area. More information to come soon.

There's been a couple of new posts in the last few days so don't forget to read the offers below!