Kids Treasure Hunt : Jardines Sun 19th Feb

Queenstown Climbing Club is organising a Treasure Hunt at Jardines Boulders (this is a private property and will be opened only for this event) for our children from 2 to 8 years old. When: Sunday the 19th of February – from 10.30am to 12.30pm

The plan: a Treasure Hunt will be organised for about 1 hour, children will have to climb up and down boulders, with sometimes a little bottom push in order to find the stamps needed to fill up their cards.

Healthy Food and drinks will be provided. Awards will be given to all participants!!

What to bring? hiking/running shoes, sunhat, sunscreen, warm clothes if needed, extra food if needed.

Children need to be accompanied. I hope to hear from all mums and dads from the Queenstown Climbing Club! no excuses ! Pass the word around... as friends of members who have children and are interested to join up can do so too:-)

Please register BEFORE THURSDAY the 16th of February by email celine.austincheval (at) or by phone Celine 0211636961 or 442-9290, so I can organise the Goodies – Goodies... Any questions, give me a shout!

NB: Jardines Boulders will be closed again straight after the event due to fire restrictions until further notice.

Remember to register before 17th Feb otherwise there's a risk this will be cancelled if there's not enough numbers - take your kids along for a fun intro to climbing and bouldering!