Jardines Treasure Hunt Report

Jardines Treasure Hunt

On Sunday the 19th the club organised a Treasure Hunt at Jardines boulders after kind approval by the owners.

Aiden, Sorcha, Conrad, Tyler, Tama, Thomas, Oli, Seb & Josh came along with their parents. They were all very excited about running through wet thistles and climbing onto the rocks to stamp their cards! Some were very fast to finish!
The morning was very relaxed and everyone left with a little present. Feedback was "must do it again". I don't know about your child, but Celine's was asleep as soon as she hit the road, so must have been a fun morning!
Thank you all for coming, and Celine and Sally for organising it and setting it up.

Note that Jardines remain closed due to fire restrictions until further notice and thanks again to their owners for letting us have access and introduce the youngsters to climbing.