Wye Creek Climbing Marathon Rules - This Saturday!

At great effort here's a bunch of rules for this weekend's 'Into The Wye' climbing marathon.  Yup, there's rules, but it's all to keep it above board, keep the fun and make it more open for every level of climbing...whether you flap around, or glide up with moves as slick as a ballet dancer.  You can also download a copy of the rules as a PDF by clicking Wye Creek Climbing Marathon Rules


The Rules

Time and location

  • Climbing starts no earlier than  11am and finishes at the latest by 5pm
  • Parking is limited so we are aiming to carpool at the bottom car park at 10am
  • Wye Creek is 13.8km from the Kawarau Falls Bridge. There is a Doc sign on the gate on the left. The lower car park is 200 meters up the dirt road –accessible by 2WD vehicles
  • Camping is not allowed

Food and drink

  • This will not be provided until the BBQ , which is scheduled for after the event – you must let us know beforehand if you want to attend ($10 charge)


  • No littering PLEASE. There is a toilet at the top car park, please us this as we are on DOC/private land


  • Reserve day Sunday 18th March - if it is raining. If both days are wet, we have the option to hold a mini marathon indoors. Please keep an eye on the website for updates.

Aim of the Day

  • This is a fun event for all levels. You can climb as much as you want.
  • Your aim is to get as many team points as you can. The concept does not necessarily favor the hard core climber, as climbs will be scored according to the following – difficulty, height, top-rope/leading and location.  That’s right, the further the climb from the upper car park, the greater the points
  • You need to plan your day - how much can you do, what grades can you successfully climb and should you top-rope or lead? If your team prefers to walk a little further to climb some easier routes, where more points can be gained go for it. If you think you can climb a few harder routes all day, go for that. The aim is to optimize your score in the best way possible, and work as a team.  Most of all have fun.

Climbing rules

  • You must sign the waiver and collect your score card before starting at the upper car park.
  • You must be competent at belaying and leading (unless you are top-roping only). If you want to top rope, you can follow up after a leader on a top rope they have put up.
  • You must supply your own gear (or be in a team with gear) - including a rope (a 50m will do for most climbs), 12-15 draws, harness, shoes and a helmet are recommended.
  • Your team will be given a score card and a pen before 11am. You cannot leave the upper car park until 11am. Do not lose your card and we are relying on HONESTY when filling it in.
  • You must climb as a team of two or three - we have allowed this for the more inexperienced climbers or those not wanting to lead to join up with others. If you are coming on your own we will do our best to team you up with an experienced pair, remember this is a fun event, but not instructional. YOU MUST BE COMPETENT AT BELAYING if top- roping.  If you are more experienced and want to help a less experienced climber out, that would be great
  • You will be scored as a team, although we will be looking for the individual who scores the most points.
  • Each person in the team can climb any number of routes in the allocated 6 hours, but only once (you are only allowed on the route once), either on lead or top rope. Your scores will be added together at the completion of the day.
  • If you are leading, you must clip the chains and have climbed the route without hauling on any draws or the rope to deem it a success.
  • You must us all the hangers.
  • You can have as many attempts while on the climb, including resting, working and falling on the route, but it must be climbed fully to be a success. Once back on the ground you cannot climb it again. Remember the longer you spend on a climb, the less time to do others and get those valuable points
  • You are responsible for cleaning your own route and retrieving your gear.
  • If you are top-roping you must touch the chains but cannot be hauled. You can rest as often as you like but are only allowed on the climb once.  Please note that if another climber is waiting to do the route, be respectful of this
  • Once you have successfully climbed the route, you are not permitted to climb it again, so choose carefully and pace yourself. You are responsible for cleaning your own route and retrieving your gear.
  • There will be no multi-pitching or natural pro routes


  • All 50 climbs included in the event will be marked (at the bottom) with a number, which will correspond to those on the score card.
  • The scorecard will give you information about the following
    • Degree of difficulty (NZ grade)
      • Easy – 17 and under
      • Moderate 18-20
      • Harder 21-23
      • Difficult 24-27
      • Location of climb via a topo map
      • Number of draws on climb (always take extra)
      • Climbs score (top-rope and lead)
      • If you require a 60m rope (routes will be marked with an * on your card).
  • Scoring will be based on these elements as well as, its length and exposure factor
  • If a climb is unmarked, it is not in the event and will not contribute to your score
  • Please note that this is a fun event and you may not agree with how some climbs have been scored. We want everyone to have a great day and to achieve their goal, so we have based this on the abovementioned elements, rather than just difficulty alone….rogaine style for something a little different.


The major and minor (after 5pm) spot prizes will be drawn at the end of the day. You must be present to be eligible.

Looking forward to seeing a bunch of you up there on Saturday.

You can download a PDF copy of these rules by clicking the following link :

Wye Creek Climbing Marathon Rules