QCC/DOC Planting Day in Wye Creek

Following Mike Dunn's initiative and Celine Austin's coordination, QCC became part of the Project Gold Kowhai last month.Saturday the 28th of April (brought forward due to a bad weather forecast for the Sunday) was the first Official planting day: 36 natives including 10 young kowhai have now been planted below the main wall of Wye Creek. Under DOC supervision, Owen Hale, 11 QCC members and volunteers gathered for 5 hours of hard work, digging out rocky soil and making sure the young plants were well planted. The weather was beautiful and the site already looks different. We left 2 watering cans up there, so don't hesitate to spend a few minutes looking after them next time you go climbing. Thanks to Keith Brown, Estelle Poiron, Tomas Bejeck, Thierry Thouvard, Sally Ford, Guillaume Charton, Celine Austin, Mike Dunn, John, Zara Kingsbury and Owen Hale. The next planting day will be at spring, keep an eye on Facebook and our website for info.