Sunday 29th April 2012: Planting Day in Wye Creek

The Queenstown Climbing Club is officially taking part of Project Gold (Kowhai) investigated by DOC - (attached the latest newsletter from DOC). We have 30 native shrubs ready to be planted at Wye Creek, below the Main Wall (just past the dam). Owen Hale representing DOC will be there on the day to guide us through the planting process. We just need KEEN, ENERGIC and FIT members! Due to the steepness and exposure of the area we will need to follow some safety procedures.

Please bring STEADY SHOES, HELMET, GLOVES, (bring also a harness; we will provide safety slings if necessary). Bring ANY SUITABLE GARDENING TOOLS (such shovel..) Let me know if you’re coming before 26th of April Please by answering to this email via one of those: or 442-9290 or 0211636961

Not enough spare time to stay the whole day? Prefer climbing instead of digging (fair enough)? We still need your help to carry up gear and plants. This will save a few return trips and will be make a good warm-up before you climb.