Welcome to the 2012/13 Season

We've just returned from the first committee meeting of the new club season, and pleased to welcome to a few new faces. There have been many events added to the club calendar, including a couple of tentative ones.

It's going to be a good year for the club with a pretty stable number of members joined up so far and several events in the pipeline including talks, planting days and group climbing evenings.

Keep the first Wednesday of each month free - there's going to be a club climbing evening, picking a different crag for each month.  They'll be informal affairs for all levels so don't be shy.  The venue will be announced before the first Wednesday of the month, so if you've joined up, get yourself on the club's Facebook group...and check the website's calendar.

Work is in progress to give the website another dusting off with more content.  There's talk about a bit more collaboration with different groups in the area and a few more bits an pieces.

Remember this is your club so don't be shy in putting forward any ideas, and even better if you want to volunteer to help with an event.  We had several successful events last year including kids days, climbing marathons and more and there should be an active calendar again this year.  We're hoping to hold a few planting days at Wye Creek to help out DOC and get some more native plants in there.

The snow's still out there (even though it's keeping itself well hidden), there's climbs to be had, and the light evenings are just around the corner.  If it's got dusty during the winter, it's time to dust off that crag bag sitting in the cupboard......

And if you've not joined the club yet, please look at the membership area on the site - great discounts to be had, an active and friendly bunch, and as important as ever you'll be helping out with local and community projects.  Remember we're a registered charity so everything gets pumped back into the area.

Happy climbing!