Wye Creek Pest Control - Saturday 18th May - 10am Wye Creek bottom carpark

The Climbing Club in collaboration with DOC is organising a day in Wye Creek where stoats traps will be set up. 35 trap boxes (weighing 8-10kg each) will be deployed up the valley to locations that have already been marked out by DOC staff. Ray Molloyand few others from DOC will be present.
It would be awesome to get some volunteers to help carry trap boxes to the designated spots.  Specific pack frames can be provided by DOC but if you have your own overnight packs (that you're happy to use), it would be good to bring them along as one or two boxes can usually be secured under the straps of most larger packs.
This day is part of the Pest Control project that DOC has been implementing in few areas to decrease the ecological damage to native fauna and flora.  The Climbing Club is happy to participate in that environmental  framework.
Please let me know if you have any questions and if you would like to volunteer for this day (a confirmation would be good as soon as possible as we can inform DOC about the group size).
It would be great to see some new faces helping out at this event.  This is planned to be a recurring event to maintain and service the traps, so please indicate when you contact us if you'd be prepared to help at future events as well as we really want to show commitment to DOC who have been a great help to the club over the years, and to your climbing.
Contact us at queenstownclimbing@gmail.com with Wye Creek Pest Control at the subject.