Planting on the "Patio" at Wye Creek!

project-gold-logo-223Thanks to a brilliant team of our club members we managed to plant 50 new native trees and relocate 5 others from the area. The "patio" is now extended upto Proud-Monkey-Roof and is made up by no more than 150 shrubs and Kowhai! It was the 4th planting day over the last 2 years and comes to support the project gold run by DOC, revegetation of the ecosystem to give more food opportunities for the native birds. This latest gardening job wouldn't have been possible without the volunteers and a big thanks goes out to Aaron Ford, Keith Brown, Owen Hale, Arnaud, Sam wright, Guillaume Charton, Niall Macaloon and Estelle Poiron. If your keen to get involved in future activities like this send us a message or jump on the Facebook page and leave us a note!