Local legends drop top prizes for X-Wye 2014

The guys and girls in our favourite places have been really generous and supplied lots of prizes for the X-Wye, make sure your there to get involved in the comp or simply relax in the sun and watch some world class climbing in a world class location. Once again a massive thank you to:



Patagonia (Let's Get Outside - 11 The Mall, Qtown),

Cookie Time (cookietime.co.nz),

Lakes Leisure (sportrec.qldc.govt.nz),

NZ Shred (nzshred.co.nz),

Cactus (cactusequipment.co.nz),

Appellation Central (appelationcentral.co.nz),

SteepEdge (steepedge.com),

The find (theworldbar.co.nz)