Warming up for X-Wye at Wye Creek

Quick whip around with a hoover (chainsaw) and a few cobwebs brushed under the carpet (with a weed whacker) up at Wye Creek over the weekend! A good mission has seen the crag ready for a weekend of fun and games at X-Wye. Thanks to all the team for your input, big thumbs up to Owen Hale (DOC), Estelle Poiron, Guillaume Charton, Mark Dewsbery, Philip Green, Nick Odroft, top work guys!

wye tidy

Whilst up in the Creek the team checked the possum and stoat traps as well as moving several. There are also 6 new yellow possum traps in place, (please don't touch unless you have been shown how to operate as they are very powerful!)

If you are interested in helping with trapping   please volunteer by letting us know here. And if you have never been up to the Waterfall by Zippity Zap it is a great spot to go for lunch if a hot day. Not to mention a few very cool climbs!