New Routes

New Routes on Hawk Wall

There has been some action up the Hawk:
Estelle finished up her new line at Hawk Wall, a long climb going around grade 23.
Guillaume put up a line through a small roof right to the right of the main wall of Hawk Wall named Bond is Back in the early 20, also he added Psycho Girls a much easier climb (17) on a smooth slab. Strong Thomas Van den Berg sent his project: a bouldery climb (26/27) in the bottom right of Hawk Wall.
** NOTE : Some routes are longer than 30m....make sure you have a knot at the end of your rope!!!! **
Keep the new routes coming and we'll put up a dedicated page if we get enough coming through.

A few cool new climbs to send this summer!

Feeling like on-sighting a new route so there you go: Mr Grumpy - 21/22 - left line on sleeping Giant Wall (Wye Creek) -  Dave Bolger Clownerie- 17- 2nd left climb at Hero Wall - Estelle Poiron/Guillaume Charton Cranium- 18 - 2nd left climb at The Boneyard - Guillaume Charton Niall's Climb- 19- upper Harold's Wall (Wye Creek) (far right end of static line: watch out for rocks as people climbing underneath)- Niall Muller Seduction- 22- Last pitch of Indian Summer: obvious steep crack finish right of the Telecom Tower - Reese Doyle.

Othwerwise some quickdraws have been taken off on a project on Homage Wall (Twist of Fate route). Please leave the quickdraws where there are. Let us know if you know anything about the whereabouts of these draws.

The Events Centre climbing wall is closed at least until Friday 31st January due to a special Event. There will be no instructed climbing until the 10th January so climbers need to present a valid belay licence card if they want to climb. Climb hard!