Talk this week cancelled..and volunteers needed for tree planting

Hi all, There was a talk pencilled into the club calendar this week.  Unfortunately its not happening any more.  Apologies for the late notice but there's been a few club meetings the  last week or so have and our minds were distracted a bit!

Please note there is a 2nd tree planting day at wye creek on sat 6th October....please stick your hand up to help out and put some love back to one of our best climbing areas.

Welcome to the 2012/13 Season

We've just returned from the first committee meeting of the new club season, and pleased to welcome to a few new faces. There have been many events added to the club calendar, including a couple of tentative ones.

It's going to be a good year for the club with a pretty stable number of members joined up so far and several events in the pipeline including talks, planting days and group climbing evenings.

Keep the first Wednesday of each month free - there's going to be a club climbing evening, picking a different crag for each month.  They'll be informal affairs for all levels so don't be shy.  The venue will be announced before the first Wednesday of the month, so if you've joined up, get yourself on the club's Facebook group...and check the website's calendar.

Work is in progress to give the website another dusting off with more content.  There's talk about a bit more collaboration with different groups in the area and a few more bits an pieces.

Remember this is your club so don't be shy in putting forward any ideas, and even better if you want to volunteer to help with an event.  We had several successful events last year including kids days, climbing marathons and more and there should be an active calendar again this year.  We're hoping to hold a few planting days at Wye Creek to help out DOC and get some more native plants in there.

The snow's still out there (even though it's keeping itself well hidden), there's climbs to be had, and the light evenings are just around the corner.  If it's got dusty during the winter, it's time to dust off that crag bag sitting in the cupboard......

And if you've not joined the club yet, please look at the membership area on the site - great discounts to be had, an active and friendly bunch, and as important as ever you'll be helping out with local and community projects.  Remember we're a registered charity so everything gets pumped back into the area.

Happy climbing!

Taking care of our crags and routes....

The Bolting Fund committee of the Queenstown Climbing Club is looking for your input: Please let us know (via email: queenstownclimbing(at)gmail(dot)com ) if you have witnessed while climbing in the Wakatipu Basin any routes with:

  • rusted bolts/hangers
  • unrated chains (chain links)
  • missing hangers
  • missing belay stations
  • bolt-nut sitting too close from the end of the bolt (not enough threads =risk of becoming undone)
  • unstable/dangerous boulders on a route

Thank you for your contribution,

Queenstown Climbing Club





Latest AGM + wishes for 2012/2013!

The club is in its 5th year of action!!This year we want to achieve even more than the previous years and hear what you want to see happening in the Queenstown region. The first committee meeting is Tuesday 28th August, so please email us anything you want the club to do and we wilt try our best to get these done.

Also the Queenstown Climbing Club Guidebook is on its way with literally hundreds of new routes, from the top of the Remarks to the very top of the Earnslaw. Ice, mixed, rock routes  and even Mountains of the Wakatipu will be present in this community book. So let us if you have been up to anything so that can be added: queenstownclimbing(at)gmail(dot)com

Video of AGM (click link underneath):

QCC AGM 2011 2012


Annual General Meeting: Tuesday 7th August 2012

The Queenstown Climbing Club is inviting you to its Annual General Meeting which will be held next Tuesday 7th August
WHERE: at the Events Centre / Lakes Leisure in Frankton. Upstairs seminar room.

WHEN: 6pm. We plan to start the meeting at 6.15pm!

WHAT: We will talk about the following: review 2011/2012 (minutes of previous AGM, Annual Report: events & actions, annual accounts), look into 2012/2013 (proposed budget, proposed agenda), confirming the subscriptions, elect committee members, put motions forward, other business

This meeting will be the chance to renew your membership and by turning up your will get a $10 discount on your new membership plus you will receive your 2012/2013 membership card straight away!
If you are keen to join The QCC as a committee member, please let us know as soon as possible by emailing us:-)
Hope to see you all there!
Queenstown Climbing Club Committee

2012 Photo Comp: judging of submitted pictures starts today:-)

That is it: submission of pictures closed on the 30th of June!Thank you to the many submitters who emailed their excellent pictures until the very last minute! Kate, Martin, Craig and Abbey have now the tough task of judging the pictures. Prize giving on Wednesday 27th July...more details about it next week!

Thank you to sponsors for providing great prizes and helping us through this comp: Queenstown Creative Arts - Queenstown Cameras - Rock & Rambles - Lakes Leisure - R & R Sports - Small Planet - Paula Massage - Cookie Times - NZone - Queenstown Climbing Club - Post Office Cafe

NZ Mountain Film in Queenstown - Sunday 8th July 2012

The amazing New Zealand Mountain Film Festival is coming to Queenstown this year, and they are giving Queenstown Climbing Club members a discount on tickets ($25 instead of $30) for the Queenstown show on Sunday 8th July 2012.

To get the discount either:- give your name and QCC membership card at the door (they will have a list of members at the door).

- or Buy Now on PayPal for Qtown Climbing Club Members. (you will receive an email where you will have to give your member number later on)


- or do a bank transfer (until July 4th) to NZ Mountain Film Festival Ltd. Account Number: 06-0943-0113895-00 (and give your name + membership number)

 You should send an email (to mark sedon <mark.sedon@xtra.co.nz>) with your name, member number and contact number after you have bought a ticket via PayPal or bank transfer.

 Hope to see all of you at this great event!

 QTN Flyer of NZ Mountain Film Festival

Extreme Climbing Movie with Guest Speaker: Tuesday 19th June.

NZ premiere extreme climbing movie with guest speaker Alex Corpas
Tuesday 19th June - The World Bar - 6:30pm
This breath taking movie will take you in high places from the Andes to the Himalayas on the most challenging terrains, cliffs and mountains.
Alejandro Hidalgo Corpas (Granada, 1986) is a versatile mountaineering. He thrives because of the discipline of training and rock climbing experience in competition, to transfer them to a much wider field, that is the big walls and mountaineering. Alex was part of the national spanish team of climbers who won national awards (formerly Piolet d'Or Spanish)..
everyone welcome!
Special discounts on drinks and food at The World Bar for QCC members:-)

Great seminar at the World Bar, cheers everyone:-)

Cheers to all for turning up at this first Backcountry skiing and Avalanche Seminar. There were at least 70 keen people who turned up on Tuesday 5th June at the World Bar.Thank you especially to Chris Prudden to share info about his backcountry experience and Mark Austin in regards to Avalanches. Thanks also to Small Planet and R & R Sports to explain what gear to take backcountry. Cheers to Southern Approach for their spot prices:-)

Also email your pics for the 2012 Alpine Photo Comp before 30th of June 2011!!! Open to everyone in the community!

Queenstown First Climbing eMag

The first eMag of the Queenstown Climbing Scene will soon be out and all we need is your contribution - made localy (and beyond) for locals (and everyone else)!You have been out and about, here or away from here, climbing, mountaineering, backcountry skiing or just contemplating the outdoors and you are keen to contribute to this first issue? Please email us articles, pictures to: queenstownclimbing@gmail.com Dead line: 30th June 2012

Brand New Routes at the Events Centre Climbing Wall

A million thanks to those club members who volunteered their time from Friday 11th May evening  to Sunday 13th May evening.Thierry, Ruben, Oceane, Lichi, Chris, Guillaume, Cristina and Thomas removed every single hold, clean them and put them back to create new routes.   This was a massive job due to the height and tricky location and without those guys new routes featuring clean holds wouldn't have been put up so thank you again.

Now there are thirteen brand new routes going from grade 13 to grade 25! The purpose of this action was to give back what the event centre provide to club members with their excellent admmission fees.

Backcountry Skiing & Avalanche Seminar: Tuesday 5th June - 6:30pm

The  snowy season is now on track...so time to gear up and get together to be up-to-date with: where to go, test the snow, and have the right gear! Everyone: welcome to our second gathering of the Cold Season! Where: World Bar- 27 Shotover St - Queenstown When: Tuesday 5th June -  6:30pm What: Part 1: Where to go...the secret spots to go backcountry skiing around Qtown and NZ unveiled by Chris Prudden Part 2: Making informed decisions in regards to avalanches by expert Mark Austin. Part 3: Using the right gear for the right purpose by local shops R & R and Small Planet crews. We will be using the ultra massive screen at the back of the World Bar which is outside and although there are fires keeping you warm please do bring a down jacket for extra comfort!

Drinks are at a very special price for club members thanks to The World Bar!


Successful 1st Gathering at the World Bar

On Tuesday 1st May about 40 to 50 keen bees gathered at the World Bar to check a slide show from Estelle and Guillaume. The pictures were displayed on a huge wall outside and the two travelers entertained the crew while showing some of their slides from China, Vietnam, Greece and France. A real success that was! Remember next gathering: Tuesday 5th June 2012: Backcountry skiing and Avalanche Awareness Seminar - World Bar -7pm With guest speakers, and outdoor shops from Qtown!

QCC/DOC Planting Day in Wye Creek

Following Mike Dunn's initiative and Celine Austin's coordination, QCC became part of the Project Gold Kowhai last month.Saturday the 28th of April (brought forward due to a bad weather forecast for the Sunday) was the first Official planting day: 36 natives including 10 young kowhai have now been planted below the main wall of Wye Creek. Under DOC supervision, Owen Hale, 11 QCC members and volunteers gathered for 5 hours of hard work, digging out rocky soil and making sure the young plants were well planted. The weather was beautiful and the site already looks different. We left 2 watering cans up there, so don't hesitate to spend a few minutes looking after them next time you go climbing. Thanks to Keith Brown, Estelle Poiron, Tomas Bejeck, Thierry Thouvard, Sally Ford, Guillaume Charton, Celine Austin, Mike Dunn, John, Zara Kingsbury and Owen Hale. The next planting day will be at spring, keep an eye on Facebook and our website for info.

Sunday 29th April 2012: Planting Day in Wye Creek

The Queenstown Climbing Club is officially taking part of Project Gold (Kowhai) investigated by DOC - (attached the latest newsletter from DOC). We have 30 native shrubs ready to be planted at Wye Creek, below the Main Wall (just past the dam). Owen Hale representing DOC will be there on the day to guide us through the planting process. We just need KEEN, ENERGIC and FIT members! Due to the steepness and exposure of the area we will need to follow some safety procedures.

Please bring STEADY SHOES, HELMET, GLOVES, (bring also a harness; we will provide safety slings if necessary). Bring ANY SUITABLE GARDENING TOOLS (such shovel..) Let me know if you’re coming before 26th of April Please by answering to this email via one of those: celine.austincheval@gmail.com or 442-9290 or 0211636961

Not enough spare time to stay the whole day? Prefer climbing instead of digging (fair enough)? We still need your help to carry up gear and plants. This will save a few return trips and will be make a good warm-up before you climb.