Photos by Philip Green

Enjoy your visit to wonderful Wye Creek.

Manaaki whenua, Manaaki tangata, Haere whakamua (Care for the land, care for the people, go forward).

The Wye Creek Conservation area contains an incredibly diverse eco system that ranges from a high alpine environment (c.2000m) with populations of Kea, Karearea and alpine insects to a rich mid-level valley system with streams and ancient stands of beech forest that run all the way to lake level (310m). 

There has been minimal human impact from clearing or farming of this area. The climbing club believes this is a unique area in New Zealand that deserves considerable protection and restoration where it has been affected by human intervention.

To date we have undertaken 6 major plantings of native bush with ongoing maintenance, put in place and monitor monthly over 100 predator traps and regular analysis of the predator population and native bird diversity.  By winter 2019 we had caught 825 predators and there is a noticeable recovery in the native bird population.

You can help by leaving no trace of your visit, helping out when needed, avoiding newly planted areas, and taking 15 minutes to water some of the new plantings.


1. Trapping predators including rats, stoats, mice and possum and ongoing monitoring of predator populations and bird diversity

A stoat (or weasel) feeling a little flat.

A stoat (or weasel) feeling a little flat.

2. Re-establishing native bush around the main wall area

Native plantings.

Native plantings.