Lucas Meserve and Adam Godwin on Queen's Drive. Photo by Gaetan Jacquart

Queenstown climbing club is led entirely by volunteers.

we are a grass-roots, not-for-profit club dedicated to:


Promoting climbing in the Wakatipu region

Providing a point of contact for members and new climbers in the Wakatipu area

Maintaining and increasing public access to the climbing areas in the Wakatipu region

Supporting the establishment of new climbing routes in the Wakatipu region

Promoting safe bolting and climbing practices

Promoting conservation of the natural environment around the rock climbing areas in the Wakatipu region

Promoting climbing to members and the public, and providing both information and resources for this purpose

your committee

Left to right:

Philip Green - Environment Officer

Estelle Poiron - Environment Officer

Eddie Gapper - General Committee

Wulf Solter - President

Adela Muchova - Treasurer

Michal Karnik - Bolting

Mark Dewsbery - General Committee

Not present in photo: Guillaume Charton, Michelle Jospe, Johanna Twifford.