Wye Creek Toilet Installed On Saturday, Aaron, Niall, Danny and Tom did a fabulous job of installing the Wye Creek long drop at the top of the 4WD track (thanks guys for all your hard work!). Under the circumstances, the top of the 4WD track was the most suitable and cost effective location for the toilet and was agreeable by the Club and the Department of Conservation. This toilet will provide toilet facilities for all recreational users of the Wye Creek area and help minimise the effects recreational users have on this environment. Hopefully all of you will see the benefit of having these facilities in the Wye Creek catchment.

It is important to mention and recognise the support the Queenstown Climbing Club received from the Department of Conservation, Central Lakes Trust, Community Trust of Southland, and of course, our club members. Without this support the project wouldn’t have got off the ground. THANKS!

Melanie and Mike