Trapping in Wye Creek

trapping day 1aFollowing DOC's lead we participate in helping to control the population of stoats and rats in our area. Our valiant QCC members have been helping out in regular trap checks each month changing the eggs in each of the 43 traps in Wye Creek. An not in vain, successfully trapping  2 rats and a stoat in September, and adding another rat to the count in this months outing. The next check is not fixed yet but if your keen to help your local birdlife put your names and contact details in an email and we will get in touch.

Trapline Project in Wye Creek needs you! A QCC / DoC initiative

On the 18th of May 2013 43 traps were laid and baited in Wye Creek thanks to the help of 16 volunteers including DoC staff and Queenstown Climbing Club members  This day was a huge success, with the project being aiming to protect the biodiversity around local climbing areas from threatening pests such as stoats and rats.

Once a month, the traps need to be checked and rebaited, consisting mainly in placing fresh eggs and resetting the traps even if the traps are empty.

This is a half a day job for a team of two  (or more) volunteers.

There is gear in situ (gloves, screwdriver, report sheets, fresh eggs, map of the traps location...) in a grey storage box located near the toilets with all the necessary instructions, but these should not be operated unless you know what you are doing, and have ideally been up with a member or DOC staff that can give some guidance and training - the traps can be dangerous in the wrong hands, and can be quite lethal on your hands if you do things in the wrong combination.

We are looking for willing and enthusiastic volunteers for this eco-friendly project.

If you are keen to participate to one of the monthly monitoring days, please let us know by emailing us your contact details (name, phone number) and the month you are willing to attend. We will get back to you promptly.

Please let us know if you have any questions regarding this project.

Thank you for your support.

Estelle Poiron
Philip Green

Wye Creek Planting Day Success

Kit Carrying (and not a trace left behind) Our second planting day has been successful.  Around 40 native trees included kowhai were planted in addition to those planted last year under The Main Wall.   Owen Dale (who's also a club member) represented DOC, who provided plants, bamboos and tools to dig the steep slopes of the South side.

Seven keen "gardeners" enjoyed the awesome weather and the company of the worms! Wye Creek looks slightly  different and will have a new face within the years to come. Two water cans are available to hikers and climbers when the trees get thirsty! This  environmental action undertaken by the Club is in conjunction with DOC Project Gold.

Thank you to the volunteers and made this possible!!!





Every Kowhai needs that extra bit of love from a can
Every Kowhai needs that extra bit of love from a can

Wye creek toilet Progress

Wye Creek Long Drop Toilet Update Looks like a working bee coming up. The following is from the lovely Melanie Heather

Queenstown Climbing Club has been approved two grants from Central Lakes Trust (CLT) and the Community Trust of Southland (CTOS) to install a long drop toilet at Wye Creek. So a big thanks to both CLT and CTOS. The Department of Conservation (DOC) Management Agreement is in place that will allow us to install the toilet on DOC land. The Club is currently working on getting a building consent for the project and works should follow in the near future. A working bee will be organised to install the toilet at the top of the zig zag track soon so watch this space! If any members have any building experience or have installed long drops in the past, please contact Melanie at queenstownclimbing (at) we would appreciate any help that is available. Melanie