Twizel Climbing Comp - 18th May 2013

Twizel Climbing Wall are having a competition over the weekend of 18-19th May.  The club will be using some of the generous donations from the X-Wye event to fund some youths to go up and compete from the Youth Climbing Fund. Please register your interests with the club.

Climbing Disciplines : Top rope Climbing - Saturday,  Lead Climbing - Sunday Entry Fee : $10.00* (cash) each day. Pay at registration desk. Late entries $15.00 Register now at… or *Registrations open from 10.30 am – 11.30 am each day; full briefing at 11.45 am. Competition starts at 12 noon.


If you can't make this event, please come along and help out with some Pest Control at Wye Creek on Saturday 18th May.  See Pest Control post for more information.